Moving Dartmouth Forward

Actions Taken as Part of Moving Dartmouth Forward Sexual Violence Prevention, Response, and Support

The following is a list of steps to prevent and discourage sexual violence undertaken as part of MDF. All of these steps were carried out in the 2014-2015 timeframe. These steps were complemented with a suite of actions enacted in that same period to reduce high risk drinking (e.g., prohibiting hard alcohol on campus) and promote inclusivity (e.g., launching the House Communities system).

  1. Put in place a Title IX Coordinator and open a Title IX office to be responsible for administration of policies, procedures and data collection.
  2. Funded an on-campus placement for WISE—the Upper Valley crisis support, advocacy, and prevention center for domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.
  3. Launched unified disciplinary procedures for cases of sexual assault that included experienced, independent investigators and mandatory expulsion for those found responsible of the most serious forms of sexual assault.
  4. Developed a Dartmouth-specific safety smartphone app. During the campus technology orientation for first year students, we ask them to load this app to their phones and we automatically load it to their computers.
  5. Introduced a mandatory four-year sexual violence prevention and education program for undergraduate students, including:
    1. continued and strengthened the Dartmouth Bystander Initiative (DBI);
    2. implemented and strengthened the pre-matriculation online program for incoming students; 
    3. redeveloped First Year Residential Experience workshops on sexual violence;
    4.  increased programming during orientation;
    5. developed student advisory board.
  6.  Created an online “Consent Manual.”
  7. Created a single, campus-wide website for sexual assault prevention and response.
  8. Continued the Student Presidential Committee on Sexual Assault (SPCSA) and its role in suggesting new steps and improvements to the undergraduate social environment aimed at curbing sexual assault and violence.  
  9. Conducted bi-annual Climate Surveys (one in 2015, one in 2017, next one in 2019) and released the results of those surveys.
  10. Developed and implemented a student Code of Conduct that is signed as part of Matriculation.
Moving Dartmouth Forward