Moving Dartmouth Forward

July 2014

A Wealth of Feedback

With the end of Sophomore Parents’ Weekend, our feedback-gathering phase of Moving Dartmouth Forward has also finally come to a close. As many on campus are aware, our committee has spent the last three months looking into some troublesome aspects of student life: high-risk or binge drinking, sexual assault, and lack of inclusivity. By crowd-sourcing ideas and opinions from students, alumni, faculty, staff, and parents, our process has been amazingly effective.

Dartmouth Concludes Summit on Sexual Assault

As the Dartmouth Summit on Sexual Assault drew to a close Thursday, several institutions were already talking about hosting another gathering in six months and others were considering hosting a second summit next year. Dean of the College Charlotte Johnson said the summit laid the groundwork for a coordinated national effort in higher education to provide a safe learning community for everyone. "The important work that has gone on at Dartmouth this week, and lines of communications that have been opened between participants—administrators, federal officials, activists, researchers, and survivors—represent a significant step nationally as we confront the widespread problem of sexual violence on campus," Johnson said.

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Forensics Expert to Speak at Dartmouth Summit

David Lisak is a researcher and forensic consultant whose work includes the causes and consequences of interpersonal violence and the motives and characteristics of rapists. He consults with colleges and universities, the U.S. Department of Defense, and other institutions regarding sexual assault prevention policies. A featured speaker at the Dartmouth Summit on Sexual Assault, which begins Sunday, July 13, he agreed to speak withDartmouth Now about his work.

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Welcome to MDF’s Website

Over the last nine weeks, we have been deeply engaged in learning more about extreme behavior at Dartmouth as it manifests itself in three troubling arenas: high-risk drinking, sexual assault, and lack of inclusivity.  This has been and continues to be a multi-faceted learning experience.  We have solicited feedback from numerous students individually and in groups.  We have hosted faculty summits and lunches.  We have met with staff from all areas of the college.  And we have and will continue to reach out to alumni groups around the country this summer.

Moving Dartmouth Forward