Moving Dartmouth Forward

August 2014

Summary of Student Feedback

In May, the Steering Committee partnered with Improve Dartmouth:  On the Ground, a student group, to help collect student ideas. Improve Dartmouth: On the Ground facilitated 41 student discussions between May and July.  This document contains 250 separate ideas, submitted by 560 students, on ways to address high-risk drinking, sexual assault, and exclusivity at Dartmouth.  The ideas were consolidated from 740 posts to; many of them were posted directly to the site during the facilitated discussions.

This document is not representative of the entire student body, nor is it representative of all the suggestions received by the steering committee.  The steering committee has held additional meetings with students, and received input from more than 53 alumni meetings and conference calls, as well as more than 1650 online submissions.

An In-Depth Process Requires Time

As summer term winds down, we are gratified to witness a surge of engagement with our committee work on campus. Student groups have been reaching out to us with regularity to ask how they can be involved in the effort to address extreme behavior on campus. The recent marathon half-day conference on sexual assault hosted by Bones Gate fraternity, which drew approximately 130 Dartmouth men and ended with a candlelight vigil on the steps of Dartmouth Hall, was testimony to the sincere interest and concern felt by many on campus about the complex problem of sexual assault. Thanks are due to the organizers of this conference. We hope their investment, and that of many other students in making Dartmouth safer, healthier, and more inclusive, will continue into the fall and beyond.

An Overview of Suggestions Received Online

The committee has been busy meeting with alumni, students, staff and faculty, collecting suggestions about how to deal with high-risk drinking, sexual assault and a lack of inclusivity. We’ve also invited online submissions on how to deal with these issues; over 1600 members of the Dartmouth community have sent in ideas.

Sexual Assault Expert Claudia Bayliff Encouraged by Dartmouth Summit

Claudia J. Bayliff is an attorney and educator with more than 26 years of experience working on issues related to sexual assault. She was the first chief of the U.S. Air Force’s worldwide Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program, and currently serves as Legal Momentum’s project attorney, developing judicial educational materials about sexual assault and helping to implement a nationwide, comprehensive plan for judicial education about sexual assault.

With clinical psychologist David Lisak, she was an organizer of the Dartmouth Summit on Sexual Assault, held at the College the week of July 14.

“We were thrilled when Dartmouth agreed to host the first summit,” says Bayliff. “The goal of the summit was to bring together a multidisciplinary group of stakeholders, including federal policy makers, to discuss the issues campuses are facing. Unlike other conferences, the summit was designed to create a mechanism for the participants to address these difficult issues on an ongoing basis.”

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Moving Dartmouth Forward