Moving Dartmouth Forward

January 2015

Final Report from the Committee

On January 29, President Hanlon issued a plan for Moving Dartmouth Forward. This was the culmination of a process that began in April 2014 when President Hanlon convened a summit in which he challenged the Dartmouth community to come together to end high-risk and harmful behavior on campus. In May, he formed a presidential steering committee and charged its members with gathering feedback from students, alumni, faculty and staff, studying best practices of peer institutions and consulting with experts. He asked the Committee to use this information in formulating recommendations to end sexual assault and high-risk drinking on campus and to increase inclusivity. The committee submitted the Presidential Steering Committee’s Final Report to President Hanlon in January. On January 29, President Hanlon addressed the Dartmouth community and released his plan of action.

Committee Submits Report to President Hanlon

On January 20, the Presidential Steering Committee turned in its report containing its recommendations for addressing extreme behavior on campus to President Hanlon. This concludes the committee’s work. We would like to thank President Hanlon for the opportunity to contribute to this process, we thank him for his support and look forward to his announcement of next steps on January 29. President Hanlon will publicly release the steering committee’s report at that time. We would also like to thank the thousands of members of the Dartmouth community for offering their reflections and ideas. This process has made clear how thoughtful and committed the students, alumni, staff and faculty are to making Dartmouth the very best that it can be.

Moving Dartmouth Forward