Moving Dartmouth Forward

October 2015

Delaney Anderson Named WISE Campus Advocate

Delaney Anderson has been hired as the inaugural WISE campus advocate—a new position created through a partnership between the College and WISE, a Lebanon, N.H.-based victims’ advocacy and crisis services organization that serves the Upper Valley region of New Hampshire and Vermont.

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Social Event and Alcohol Management

The Social Event and Alcohol Management working group was formed in mid-February 2015 with the charge of revising the alcohol management procedures, formerly known as SEMP (Social Event Management Procedures). Students from a wide range of class years and identities came together with administrative experts to review the history of alcohol management at Dartmouth, evaluate the current approach, benchmark other colleges and universities, and engage the community in keeping our social events safe.

Community Citizenship Working Group

In his speech to the community on Jan. 29, President Hanlon called for the creation of a “code of conduct” that would “articulate the high expectations—as they relate to civility, dignity, diversity, community, and safety—that we have for Dartmouth students. These are the fundamentals for every graduate who will go out into the world to lead.” The charge of the Community Citizenship working group has been to develop the language for this statement of community citizenship.

Moving Dartmouth Forward

The Plan was the outcome of a process, launched by President Hanlon in March 2014 to end high-risk drinking and sexual assault on campus and to create a greater sense of inclusivity. As part of the process, a steering committee conducted extensive outreach and research and submitted a report to the President in January 2014.

The final plan and many supporting resources are available through the links below.

Campus in Spring

Sexual Violence Prevention, Response, and Support

Steps that were taken as part of the Moving Dartmouth Forward initiative to prevent and discourage sexual violence.

President Hanlon addresses the college about MDF

High-Risk Drinking Reduction

Steps that were taken as part of the Moving Dartmouth Forward initiative to prevent and discourage high-risk drinking.

Students gathering on campus

Community Building

Steps that were taken as part of the Moving Dartmouth Forward initiative to create an inclusive community.

Smartphone Personal Security App Available for Download

A new LiveSafe security app tailored specifically for Dartmouth students, faculty, and staff is now available as a free download for smartphones, says Harry Kinne, director of Safety and Security. 

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Moving Dartmouth Forward