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June 2016

Experiential Learning: Where Theory and Practice Meet

June 28, 2016

An anthropology class on human evolution travels to South Africa to meet leading scientists and study the fossil record directly at archaeological sites. Architecture students design projects to improve a public space and participate in a forum in New York City. Students studying American poetry collaborate with local high school students to share knowledge and perform poetry.

These are just a few of the dozens of projects being supported through the Experiential Learning Initiative, which was launched last year to promote and expand opportunities for students to apply classroom knowledge to the broader world—and vice versa.

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Working Groups

Community Citizenship Working Group

The Community Citizenship Working group has completed its work. For an update on the work on the Community Citizenship Working Group, please visit the News section. More information on the Community Citizenship Working Group

Student Organization Standards and Review

The Student Organization Standards and Review Working Group was charged with developing a set of expectations for college recognized student organizations and recommendations for an annual review process and completed its work in 2015.

House Community Building Projects Proceeding on Schedule

June 6, 2016

The new faculty homes and student social spaces will be ready for the fall term.

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Moving Dartmouth Forward