Moving Dartmouth Forward

December 2020

Actions Taken as Part of Moving Dartmouth Forward: Community Building

The following is a list of action steps to support the promotion of creating an inclusive community. These steps were complemented with a suite of actions enacted in that same period around sexual violence prevention, response, and support and high-risk drinking reduction.

Current Activity

Five years since the launch of Moving Dartmouth Forward, several components of the original plan are now part of the fabric of the Dartmouth experience. The Sexual Violence Prevention Project (SVPP) has successfully become a mandatory experience starting with the Class of 2023 and the six House Communities welcomed their founding members in 2016.


In January 2015, President Hanlon announced the Moving Dartmouth Forward Plan. The Plan includes a number of measures to put Dartmouth at the forefront in creating higher expectations of college students while strengthening Dartmouth’s longstanding commitment to leadership in teaching and learning. The Plan was the outcome of the process launched by President Hanlon in March 2014 to end high-risk drinking and sexual assault on campus and to create a greater sense of inclusivity.

Moving Dartmouth Forward