Actions Taken as Part of Moving Dartmouth Forward: High-Risk Drinking Reduction

High-Risk Drinking Reduction

The following is a list of steps to prevent and discourage high-risk drinking undertaken as part of MDF. These steps were complemented with a suite of actions enacted in that same period around sexual violence prevention, response, and support and the promotion of inclusivity.

  1. Maintained scheduled classes during celebration weekends.
  2. Enacted earlier start times for classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
  3. Developed a Dartmouth-specific safety smartphone app, LiveSafe.
  4. Increased the presence of faculty and other mature influences in the lives of students, including through the development of the House Communities and the increase of Greek Organizations' faculty sponsors (one male and one female).
  5. Eliminated pledge or probationary periods for all student organizations.
  6. Became a member of the Hazing Prevention Consortium and continues the on-going work through the Dartmouth Hazing Prevention Coalition.
  7. Prohibited hard alcohol on campus, on the undergraduate residential experience, and at undergraduate events.
  8. Created the Alcohol Management Program Policy, which requires a number of risk-reduction strategies including private security and bartenders for student social events.
  9. Trained residential life staff to enforce the new alcohol policy and expanded the roles of undergraduate advisers in residence halls to include community walk-throughs.
  10. Publicly post key alcohol measures for high-risk drinking on campus and created the High-Risk Drinking Prevention Series to further engage the community in dialogue around high-risk drinking prevention efforts.
  11. Expanded Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students (BASICS) program.
  12. Provided universal screening and brief motivational interviewing (BMI) in Health Services.

Additionally, this work intersects with other large-scale campus initiatives including Campus Climate and Culture Initiative (C3I) and Inclusive Excellence. Read more about the current activity of Moving Dartmouth Forward.