Current Activity

Comprehensive Efforts

Five years since the launch of Moving Dartmouth Forward, several components of the original plan are now part of the fabric of the Dartmouth experience. The Sexual Violence Prevention Project (SVPP) has successfully become a mandatory experience starting with the Class of 2023 and the six House Communities welcomed their founding members in 2016. Other initiatives, such as those intended to reduce high-risk drinking, have been integrated into the processes and systems of the College and are now undergoing deeper analysis to inform improvement efforts. Still others have completed the initial concrete goals of MDF and have evolved into more comprehensive efforts, such as the formation of a Dartmouth Hazing Prevention Coalition.

See the Implementation Chart for a comprehensive look at the status of each MDF component.

    Implementation Team

    The "Implementation Team," or primary coordinators of the specific elements listed in the MDF plan, periodically come together to share updates and discuss the future of MDF in connection with other community building initiatives.

    Implementation Team

    • Amanda Childress, Associate Director, Student Wellness Center
    • Brian Joyce, Director, Office of Greek Life
    • Caitlin Barthelmes, Director, Student Wellness Center
    • Dean Lacy, Assistant Provost for Faculty Recruitment, Director, Program in Politics and Law
    • Jeffrey DeWitt, Deputy Director of Residential Education, Residential Life
    • Jenny Adams, Assistant Director, Student Life
    • Joe Castelot, Deputy Director, Collis Center, Student Life
    • Katharine Strong,¬†Director, Community Standards and Accountability
    • Keysi Montas, Director, Department of Safety & Security
    • Kristi Clemens, Title IX Coordinator and Acting Senior Director of Institutional Diversity and Equity
    • Michael Wooten, Associate Dean of Residential Life & Director of Residential Education