Welcome to MDF’s Website

Over the last nine weeks, we have been deeply engaged in learning more about extreme behavior at Dartmouth as it manifests itself in three troubling arenas: high-risk drinking, sexual assault, and lack of inclusivity.  This has been and continues to be a multi-faceted learning experience.  We have solicited feedback from numerous students individually and in groups.  We have hosted faculty summits and lunches.  We have met with staff from all areas of the college.  And we have and will continue to reach out to alumni groups around the country this summer.

We have also become increasingly aware of the broader, burgeoning scope of the problems that we are investigating.  Dartmouth is not unique in struggling with extreme behavior on its campus.  Many institutions of higher learning are today plagued by destructive conduct masquerading as “fun.”  As we learn more about the scope of these problems, we have come to realize that only a creative and wide-ranging set of recommendations, both short- and long-term, will move us toward a changed campus environment.

We hope to have our recommendations to the community by the fall.  In the meantime, we are pleased on this site to be able to share with you additional information about the process, the committee’s activities, the feedback we’ve received, and resources about the issues.  We will be adding frequently to this site and hope you will continue to visit us and give us your feedback.  Our mission to make Dartmouth a more intentional academic and social environment will only succeed if we all work together.