The Committee’s Goal

The Moving Dartmouth Forward Presidential Steering Committee was charged with making recommendations to President Phil Hanlon that will combat the root causes of extreme behavior in the critical areas of sexual assault and high-risk drinking, and will also seek to foster more inclusivity on campus.

In the last few weeks, the campus has engaged in a robust discussion about Dartmouth’s Greek organizations, exactly the kind of discussion this process was designed to elicit. The viewpoints expressed—both in support of Greek life and against it—are helpful  and will inform our deliberations.

In the midst of this discussion, we continue to stay focused on our charge: to make recommendations that will address the root causes of extreme behavior that reach every place on our campus where social activities occur. The members of the Committee take this charge seriously. We are focused on developing recommendations that can make a difference and make Dartmouth an even greater place – a safer, healthier, more inclusive campus for all.   Doing so will require everyone – students, faculty, staff, alumni and parents – to commit to the goal.   But we all share the goal and we’re certain that we can get there.

The Committee will make its recommendations to President Hanlon in January.