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Melanie Benson Taylor to Become North Park House Professor

In December, Associate Professor and Chair of Native American Studies Melanie Taylor and her husband, Alan Taylor, a lecturer in writing, will pack up their house in New London, N.H., and move with their 2-year old son, Abel, into a large Victorian house on North Park Street—part of the College’s new house communities system. Taylor says she’s thrilled to begin next term as the resident professor for North Park House. 

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Campus Celebration Marks New Residential House System

September 9, 2016

Barbecues, music, House swag, lawn games, and cultural and social events for the Dartmouth community will kick off the College’s new residential house system on Friday, Sept. 16.

The celebrations, at the end of the first week of classes, will be a chance for all first-year students and upperclassmen, no matter where they live, to get together with the members of their residential house, and with house-affiliated faculty and staff.

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House Community Building Projects Proceeding on Schedule

June 6, 2016

The new faculty homes and student social spaces will be ready for the fall term.

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New Homes for House Professors Going Up

April 19, 2016

Construction is nearing completion on four new homes for professors as Dartmouth works toward the fall 2016 launch of a new residential life model.

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Work Begins Monday on House Community Building

April 15, 2016

Work begins Monday on the innovative building called a “Sprung structure” going up beside Davis Varsity House that will serve as a social space for the North Park and South house communities.

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Founders Day: Students Receive House Affiliations

On Friday night students gathered at Baker-Berry Library to receive personalized letters indicating their membership in one of the six new house communities: Allen, East Wheelock, North Park, School, South, or West.  The house residential life model is a cornerstone of the Moving Dartmouth Forward plan—designed to transform the undergraduate living experience by bringing more continuity to students’ on-campus living experiences and greater opportunities for faculty-student interaction beyond the classroom.

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Video: Meet the House Professors

The seven faculty members who will serve as house professors talk about their new roles.

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Construction Set to Being on House Communities Structures

Site work will begin soon on a temporary house center to be built near Gile and Hitchcock residence halls.

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College Unveils Six House Communities to Open Next Fall

The College has designated the six new house communities that will provide permanent home bases for all Dartmouth undergraduates beginning in the fall of 2016.

“This is a great step forward for Dartmouth,” says Dean of the College Rebecca Biron, who is overseeing the transition to the house system. “The house communities are based on the simple premise that successful learning requires strong community bonds. The houses will provide more opportunities for intellectual engagement through social encounters among students, faculty, and staff.”

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Professor Rebecca Biron Appointed Dean of the College

Professor Rebecca Biron has been appointed dean of the College, Dartmouth’s senior officer responsible for undergraduate academic life, Provost Carolyn Deverannounced today. Biron’s role will include leadership of the College’s new residential house communities and the professors directing the communities.

Biron is a professor of Spanish and comparative literature whose research and teaching focus on Latin American literary and cultural studies, literary theory, gender studies, and Mexican cultural criticism. As dean, she will provide direction on student inclusivity and diversity issues and strategic planning for admissions and financial aid. She assumes the deanship for a four-year term beginning July 1.

“I’m delighted to take on this official role in the effort to better integrate Dartmouth’s educational mission with student life,” says Biron. “At its best, the intellectual community provided by a residential liberal arts college challenges students to grapple with new ideas and perspectives in order to grow as whole people. I’m excited to find new ways to collaborate with students, faculty, and staff as colleagues in learning both in and beyond the classroom.”

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